World Record holder Sheila Bird with 3 Gold medals in the Fila Grappling World Championships 2010

Sheila Bird won 3 Gold medals for Canada at the 2010 Fila Grappling World Championships in Cracow, Poland March 27-28. No competitor has ever won 3 Gold medals before at this event. Sheila competed in the 60kg no-Gi, 60kg Gi and no-Gi absolute division and won all her 10 matches. She won four of her matches with submissions, one match by superior point advantage (once a 10 point advantage is scored by one competitor the match is stopped), and five of her matches by regular point advantage. Two of Sheila's toughest opponents were Laurence Cousin "France's Female BJJ Black Belt Phenom", and Tara Larosa "The world's No.1 rated Female MMA Fighter"

The Fila Grappling World Championships are a true world class event. Over 23 countries were represented with only 1 competitor per country allowed in each division. In Sheila's 3 divisions there were women representing France, USA, Sweden, South Africa, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Italy, Serbia, Ukraine and of course Sheila from Canada. The Canadian team consisted of 5 competitors this time and 2 team coaches. Sheila's team mates were John Louro 60kg, Rory McDonell 70kg, Maxime Poulin 75kg and Jaret Evans 80kg. Head team coach was Brian Bird and assistant team coach was Shawn Geris. John Louro won the silver medal in his weight division in the Gi.

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