Sheila Bird wins first Pro MMA fight in round 1 by TKO

Sheila won her first Pro MMA fight against Tanya Byrne March 4th in Edmonton, AB.
Sheila fought hard for the take down in the first seconds on the match, charging across the cage and after landing 2 hard punches cliched Tanya against the cage and worked a body lock till Tanya finally came crashing down with Sheila on top in a dominant position. Sheila worked mostly ground and pound, not attempting any submissions. After some hard elbows to Tanya's face she finally mounted and started to punish more by picking her shots finally after 3 hard unanswered blows to Tanya's one eye, the ref called the match TKO at 3:44 in round 1. Tanya showed a lot of heart, never quitting even though she was clearly being dominated and taking damage.

In Sheila's corner were 3 very experienced coaches.
Brian Bird, husband to Sheila and 2nd Degree Black belt in BJJ
Nick Ring, UFC fighter with upcoming fight in UFC 131 in Vancouver
Brad Cardinal, 3 MMA Title Belt holder

Sheila is training hard for her next fight in Calgary July 8th, 2011 against Kim Couture at the Telus Convention Centre

The fight


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Pre Fight Interview


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