Sheila Bird Gets Her Black Belt

The Black Belt exam is a 3 1/ 2 hours long test. This is a basic idea of what happened. Sheila was asked to demonstrate some technical mount escapes because a huge emphasis is always placed upon escapes. Then one after another Sheila's 6 training partners were told to pin her in various positions such as mount, scarf hold, knee on belly, cross mount, North South until Sheila escaped 3 times with each person doing each position with numerous partners. There was also a teaching aspect of the test to show how she would deal with various difficulties that arise such as students who don't listen, blind and deaf students, advanced level students and beginners. Roy's expectation of a Black Belt is to not just to have skills on the mat but also be able to have a high level of teaching skills. Then comes the fun part of the test, Sheila gets to use top positions and finish her partners with submissions. At the end of the test she sparred with all her training partners once and at the end with Roy. It is a requirement of this test to push your limits and not to give up. Quitting would be an automatic fail. After Sheila received her Black Belt from Roy Harris it was an emotional moment for her to make comments and give thanks and credit to everyone who has supported her throughout the past 11 years since she started Jiu-Jitsu.

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