Sheila Bird (CCMA) is heading to Abu Dhabi!

Sheila competed March 6th, 2010 in the Abu Dhabi Pro North American trials that were held in Montreal Canada. The winners of the advanced trials divisions are each given an all expense paid trip to the World professional Jiu-Jitsu cup that will be held in Abu Dhabi in April.

The Abu Dhabi Pro Jiu-jitsu Championship is considered to be one of the most prestigious Jiu-jtisu competitions in the world. With qualifiers worldwide, the tournament seeks to determine who are the true best in the sport of brazillian jiu-jitsu.

With 11 girls from across North America in her division, Sheila won three matches for the Gold including beating Florida's Sofia Amarante (2009 World No-Gi BJJ Champion) in the semi finals and Virginia's Jen Flannery (The head coach for Ryan Hall's Fifty/50 BJJ Women’s Program) in the finals.

Thank you to all the Champion's Creed training partners who have been helping Sheila train to get this opportunity.

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