Results for Canadian Team at the Fila Grapping World Championships in Lucerne, Switzerland Dec. 20-21, 2008

National Team Head Coach: Brian Bird (Champion's Creed Martial Arts)
Assistant Coaches: Lee Mein and Bruno Munduruca



63kg Sheila Bird (Champion's Creed Martial Arts) - 2 Time World Champion for both No-gi and Gi
72kg Alaina Hardie - Silver medal in Gi


62kg John Louro (Champion's Creed Martial Arts) - Bronze medalist in no-gi
70kg Angelo Panoussis
70kg Michael Karkula - Silver medalist in Gi
80kg Jordan Mein
92kg Nick Ring (Champion's Creed Martial Arts) - Bronze medalist in no-gi
92kg Alex Dyas
125kg Rodrigo Munduruca - World Champion in Gi and Bronze medalist in no-gi

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Three proud Canadian athletes Nick Ring, John Louro and Sheila Bird are happy to be returning home to Calgary, AB as medalists at the Fila World Grappling Championships in Lucerne, Switzerland December 19th-21st. Representing all across Canada there was a team of 3 coaches and 9 competitors who earned their position to compete in Switzerland at the worlds by winning the National qualifiers in Canada in November. The team was awarded third place out of 30 countries, including Japan, United States, Great Britain, France, Brazil, Italy, Russia, and many more, for overall team standings on both days. Altogether, the Canadian team brought home 3 Gold, 2 Silver, 3 Bronze Medals and 2 team trophies. The Canadian team had many remarks made about them by the officials, coaches and competitors regarding our skill, toughness and sportsmanship. We were commented on being “Silent but Deadly”

The three Calgary competitors all train out of Champion's Creed Martial Arts in Calgary, AB under their Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor Brian Bird who is a Black belt under Harris International. The Canadian Amateur Wrestling Association (CAWA) asked Brian Bird to be the National Head Coach for the entire Canadian team. Brian was honored to have this position and support from CAWA including Clint Kingsbury Developmental Director and Fila Official.

The only Canadian team competitor to win a Gold medal on the first day was Sheila Bird in the 63kg division. Sheila has been training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since 1998 and is a Brown belt. With the largest women’s division she won 3 matches to take Gold. Her final match was a crowd pleaser, finishing her opponent from United States, who was the favorite to win, with a flying arm bar. On the second day, in the gi division, Sheila also had 3 matches winning them all for Gold. Altogether Sheila had 6 matches winning 2 by point advantage and 4 by submission. Her competitors were from Sweden, Italy, France, Switzerland, United States and Great Britain.

In the men’s division for the 2 Bronze medals we had in the 92kg category Nick Ring and in the 62kg category was John Louro. Both competitors had over 20 men in their divisions and fought 4-5 matches each to win their medals. Nick’s winning Bronze medal match was against former world champion in Russian Sambo from Poland. John’s winning Bronze medal match was against the Spanish delegate.

This was the first Fila Grappling World Championships. The World Grappling Committee (WGC) was created under the authority of FILA to foster the physical and mental well being of individuals engaging in the discipline of grappling. The goal of WGC is to make grappling an exciting and spectator friendly sport and to rule its practice on a worldwide level in order to ultimately gain Olympic status.

The largest contributors to the Calgary athlete’s instruction, training and preparation for the Fila Grappling World Championships are the following. Champion's Creed Martial Arts and head coach Brian Bird, King of the Mat wrestling under coach and 2 time Olympic team member Clive Llewellyn and Ron Bushfield, conditioning coach and MMA fighter Brad Cardinal, and also Harris International.

The athletes would like to thank their sponsors Petrobank, Roadhouse Nightclub and Zedi Inc for covering the cost for their entire trip including flight, accommodation, tournament fees and food. Also, thank you to Sinister Brand clothing for supplying all the fight clothing for the Canadian team. They couldn’t have made it without their sponsors help in supporting their dreams to become world champions at the Fila Grappling World Championship 2008 Lucerne Switzerland.


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