Sheila ran a competition class and showed ways to improve a competitor's mental toughness

Sheila (2 time World grappling Champion) was one of the instructors that taught at the "women's grappling camp 2" that ran at MECCA in Toronto August 23-30, 2009. Sheila used this opportunity to show the girls her top submission and pressure game. Almost all of Sheila's competitive matches are won with using this guard passing/pressure/North-South game and she was excited to get the chance to share it will the 30 women who attended the course. Another one of Sheila's strong points in her training and competitive game is the mental toughness that you need to practice and work on to carry that mental strength into competition and work outs. So, along with some instructional classes she also ran a competitive sparring class and some rolling sessions. The way our competitors train at Champion's Creed is unique from any other club and Sheila wanted to share some of that knowledge. Not all of the girls at the camp are active in competing but for those that are really enjoyed the physical and mental training of Sheila's sessions.

Sheila has been training in wrestling now for some time to compliment her BJJ skills. When in Toronto she had the chance to train with Pamela Wilson, a Canadian team National Wrestler. This was the highlight of the trip for Sheila, it is great to train with high level competitors. Real competitors seek out that opportunity to roll, spar and scrimage with the best!! Carol Huynh, female Olympic Gold medalist in wrestling was in Toronto over the weekend doing some public speaking. Carol and Pamela are team mates and Sheila also had the chance to go out for lunch and watch the UFC with Carol. Competitors of that level, like Carol, are driven and inspirational. Sheila is looking to train wrestling in September at the U of C where Carol does her training.

Here in Calgary, Sheila will start teaching women's BJJ classes starting in September 15th so if you know any Calgary girls who are interested in BJJ this is their chance to train with one of the worlds best females!

Check out Sheila's website for more info and to follow her blog:

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