Successful weekend

So many things happened this weekend. I was so excited to achieve my Black Belt. At my test I had so many friends and family that came to support me. I couldn't have picked better partners. Rich came from Quebec and Alaina came from Ontario to be at my test. My other partners John, Dan, Dean and Blair were great. I am so lucky.

The week prior to my test people kept asking me if I was nervous and ready for the exam. I felt very confident and ready and I told them so. The day of the test is when the nervousness hit me hard. It was difficult to eat and rest was hard. Once I got to the club, stretched and warmed up, I started to feel better and got into the groove. This test was a long anticipated event and I wanted to get it going. 

It still hasn't quite sunk into my brain but I can tell you my body sure feels it. The test was long and hard. My face got a beating with the Gi burn and my muscles are sore and tired (as was to be expected).  I feel great and proud to be a Black Belt. What more can I say?

I know it is quite natural for people that do Jiu-Jitsu, once they compete or test to take some time off but I don't feel that way at all. I can't wait to get back to the club and working out to get ready for ADCC trial coming up soon.

One more sleep left

Global TV came in today and spent a lot of time interviewing Brian and I and filming techniques, rolling with Alaina and Brian, also some circuit training. I can't wait to see the news tomorrow. Apparently they will be playing it morning, 6:00pm and late night news. Grant Pollock was an awesome guy and it was so much fun doing the shoot.

Okay, now it is starting to sink in that my test is tomorrow. Looking forward to my 6 training partners beating me up for 3 1/2 hours. Kind of payback for all the smack talk I give them on a daily basis. Partners are: Blair, Rich, Dan, Alaina, Dean and John.

I really need to get to bed.

Macho Men

Thought I would do some realistic training tonight, you know, to prepare me for the heavy weight ADCC women's division. After sparring with these guys, I will be invincible.

Tomorrow I booked an hour massage. I found a new masseuse in Calgary. I love deep tissue massages; get those knots out. It's almost like if it doesn't hurt, why bother. By the way, I know most of my friends think that sounds crazy. 

I was asked today about teaching women's only classes. Now that we have a few consistent girls training it would be nice to have at least one class per week we can get together.  Now it is just a matter of finding a good day and time everyone can make it to. 

Change of plan

Today I found out that weigh ins for the ADCC North American Trials are day of the competition, right before you step on the mat to fight. This is the first time they have done this for the ADCC, normally it is the day before. So much for cutting weight, I am now going to go into the over 132lb division. Time to start hitting the weights and taking lots of protein.... Well, my friends should be happy about the change because I am not the happiest person on the planet when I am on a strict diet. My friend Jeremy was joking around with me, saying I lost my sense of humor for the next few weeks. What can I say, I love food.

The next couple days I am taking it easy. No sparring, no injuries, no getting sick, maybe a little technique and lots of my beauty sleep as my mom likes to call it. 

Only 3 more sleeps till test! (My training partner John thinks I sound 10 years old saying that)

Good Night, man it's almost 2am.

Preparing for the weekend

CTV news did a segment on me today at the club. They aired it already tonight and are showing it again tomorrow night at 6:00pm channel 3. With my Black belt test coming up and the fact I am the first female to achieve Black Belt in Canada, they were excited to cover my story and give me some publicity.

I am really excited for the Roy Harris seminar at Champion's Creed on Saturday. There are quite a lot of women going from a few different clubs. I am looking forward to meeting them and getting the chance to train with them.

For curriculum class tonight there were 6 guys preparing for their Blue Belt test on Saturday. I was very impressed with how they are doing and am confident they will ace their tests.

Up and ready for a busy day

If at all possible I like to get a run in first thing when I get up. I am glad I got mine in yesterday morning, I am sure it helped with the soreness of my muscles from the work out I did the day before although 48 hours is always the worst and today my legs and butt are stiff.

I saw the movie "Hunger" at the Globe Theatre this weekend. I really enjoyed it but would only recommend to it people who like disturbing and violent films. It really made me think. It is about a political prisoner in jail who goes on a hunger strike. The film is based on a true story from Ireland.

Plan for today, Monday's schedule is all over the place but always time for coffee breaks which I really enjoy. Technique practice 11:30-1:00, Circuit 4:00-5:15, teach kids class 5:30-6:30, BJJ class 6:30-8:00, teach curriculum 8:00-9:30

Victory Day

After my last post I was off to go sprinting hills and climbing stairs. At the time I thought it was a good idea to tell Brian before I started how many times I wanted to run up the hill and that I was planning on double step running the stairs, then hopping up on one foot 2 times once with each leg, then lastly double jumping up the stairs.  I should mention there are 173 steps.  I suppose if I hadn't told him my plan he may have let me off easy, I chose a hard goal, so I was stuck with it. My friends Dan and Renee were there to run along with me and keep me going. At the end of the work out, my legs wouldn't stop shaking for an hour. I decided to sit in the shower so my legs wouldn't give out on me.  Sometimes I wonder "What the heck was I thinking?" but knowing me, I'll be at it again tomorrow remembering how good it feels to complete a work out, forgetting the torture of the actually doing it.

I was super excited today to hear Alaina Hardie, a good friend of mine from Toronto won her divisions in grappling she competed in today at a tournament. It is not an easy task to compete and she is always challenging herself to push herself further all the time. Way to go Alaina!

At the boxing fight card in Calgary tonight at the Deerfoot Casino my Muay Thai coach and good friend Nick Ring dominated and won his match when the guy's corner threw in the towel after 4 rounds of a scheduled 8 round match. Nick looks so intense and mean when he fights, it is very inspiring to see such an athlete in action. I hung out at the fights with members from Champion's Creed Martial Arts with my BJJ girl training partner Jenna King to sit next to me and as we like to say "Making memories"

Awesome night but I am glad to be home and going to get some needed rest. Only 6 more sleeps till my Black Belt test.

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