MMA training and BJJ seminar

It has been a few weeks since I have blogged. I have been fighting a cold and couldn't train so I figured I didn't have much to tell. This week we have Black Belt John Kavanaugh from Dublin, Ireland teaching some seminars and MMA sessions at our club. I jumped in the MMA training to start and to be honest it has been some time since I have done striking, I jumped in without getting my feet wet. It was a blast. I was gun shy, but all in all, I was having a great time. I might just be inspired to have a go at MMA fighting again. I must admit, BJJ is my passion but with my wrestling skills getting sharper every day it will make me a much better cage fighter. All that talk but I am still just thinking about it. After the MMA session today was a 3 hours BJJ seminar working on guard skills. I am looking forward to doing some sparring and playing with the new information.

Visiting family & Heeling up

The last few days have been very relaxing. I have been spending loads of time with my mom who is visiting from Bahrain (middle east). The timing of the visit couldn't have been more perfectly planned. I just finished a competition and it will be a couple months till the next big one, so I have time to do some serious bonding.

Physically I have had a strange couple of weeks that has made training difficult. First it was my ear and the whole cauliflower thing, finally that is okay now to train with just so long as I have on head gear. Then it was my hand, I climbed a long rope at the club to the ceiling but when I got to the top, I tried to reach up for the cement pillar (I don't know why, probably to show off) and slipped my grip and slid all the way to the ground while I was gripping the rope with my hands. They both got rope burn pretty bad but finally are heeling up. And lastly and by far the worst was I got some bladder issue. Prescription drugs are great. That's about all I want to say about that.

I went on a run this morning. Tight Iliotibial Tract on the left knee but after a few runs it will loosen up as usual and
my runs will last longer. It felt good to exercise after taking the time off for all the above issues.

Tomorrow morning I am going to do some hill sprints with my training partner Dan. I always feel so great when their done.


Lately I have been working on some new aspects to make my BJJ game stronger.  Lots of technique.  It is making sparring so much fun, trying new things. You really have to put the ego aside when you do that.

I had an awesome day hanging out with Brad Cardinal (my personal trainer), we went to sprint hills and run stairs. It was so sunny and nice outside, even though the wind was pushing up back instead of pushing us up the hill.

Tonight I met with my wrestling coach because my cauliflower ear needed to be drained again. I am calling him Dr. Ron Bushfield for fun. He has had enough problems with his own ears, he seemed to be the logical choice to drain my ear. I went to the hospital once and waited hours just for them to tell me they wouldn't do it. Ugh, how frustrating. The picture attached is of the liquid he took out. I know, not pretty.

Fantastic Weekend

The weekend was so awesome. 
1. Coach Brian and Nick Ring were in Louisiana for Nick's first MMA fight in a few years. He won with a guillotine in 39 seconds of round one. I think Nick is going to make it huge really soon!
2. I hung out all day Friday with my Grandma. We did shopping, lunch and then gardening and had a BBQ at my house with my dad also. It was such a nice time. My Grandma is 88 years old now, but you would never guess, she is fit as a fiddle and looks amazing.
3. Saturday was competition day for my kids that I teach. Five of them went to the tournament and all of them left with medals around their necks. I am so proud of them for taking the challenge to compete and fight their hearts out. The next generation of fighters at Champion's Creed will continue to compete and represent with great sportsmanship. Winning doesn't hurt either. :-)
4. I also decided last minute to compete on Saturday. I had 6 matches. 3 in Gi and 3 in No-Gi. I submitted all my opponents. There were 3 deciding factors that convinced me to compete. They were, some of my kids wanted to stay and watch me, there were quite a few women to show up and that is always good to get lots women out, mostly though, I need to start competing whether I have a coach on the side lines coaching me or not. It is always nice when Brian is there to help me, but there are some tournaments that don't allow that and also it will start me having to rely on my own judgement calls and quick decision making and not rely on Brian so much. I am very happy I did the competition and as usual I learned a ton of things from all my matches. Whether I win or lose, I want to learn from all my fights.
5. Saturday night I had planned on going to Renee's Birthday party, it turned out the party was a surprise party for me for achieving my Black Belt. All my friends were there, we had a great BBQ, Renee did up a photo slide show with music that I will soon have up on my website, there were crazy decorations done up with balloons and streamers. I had so much fun, at the end of the night just the girls met up at Stonegate Karaoke Pub to dance and sing. My feet are sore today from the dancing. HUGE thank you to all my friends, with out their support I would not be a Black Belt. I am so lucky.
Pretty much, that wraps up my weekend, at least the good bits. 

Cauliflower Ear & Problem Solving

I am crossing my fingers that my swelled up ear goes away. I will not be cool with having a cauliflower ear. For one thing, not sexy! Secondly, not feminine and I certainly don't want to live with a big ear for the rest of my life. Over the years I have had a sore ear now and then but have always been good at not letting it get bad. I don't think sparring last night for over an hour helped and I was planning on wearing ear guards but just forgot. 

Other than that I have been looking at the calendar and trying to make a decision on my next tournament. I don't want any breaks, I want to keep moving full steam ahead. 

Sometimes when I train it is easier to ask my coach Brian about problems I am having in my game, rather that figure it out for myself. He is such a huge fountain of knowledge and usually gives me better answers than anyone I know of.  I am quite proud of myself today, I made a small discovery on my own and made a technique work better for me. I must admit though, Brian is in Louisiana with Nick right now and wasn't around for me to ask but still, I was forced to come up with my own solution. Patting myself on the back right now. 

Weight Cut

Cutting weight for a fight or tournament was a huge learning experience for me. I really only had 1 1/2 weeks to do it because of some disorganization of the tournament people with when I was able to weigh in. Anyways, as I was saying I learned a ton. Along with training BJJ, wrestling and running I followed Jason Day's weight cutting program that he created. It was amazing how prepped my body was to cut the weight when I had to loose the water. Most importantly I still had energy and strength unlike some other methods I have tried in the past. As for hydrating after my weigh in, I was much more diligent about what I needed to do to be ready for fighting the next day. Brian and I thought it would be interesting to take some pictures of me during my weight cutting process. I thought I would share them with you.
1st picture is of me before I hit the sauna to sweat. I weighed 137 pounds.
2nd picture is of me after the sauna, this is scary skinny and not pretty. I weighed 132 pounds.
3rd picture is of me at the official weigh in. Same weight 131.5 pounds on their scale. I look a bit better with my normal clothes on.
4th picture is of me 48 hours later. I had eaten a huge meal. Brian wanted me to take the picture then even though I wasn't thrilled about it. I weighed 146 pounds, a normal weight for me.

Excited for the weekend

I am heading off to Kimberley, BC tomorrow for the long weekend. The plan is to sleep, watch some movies, go to the hot springs, do BJJ in Cranbrook and do some hill sprints. I love getting out to the mountains. Kimberley is considered the highest City (altitude) in Canada so the excersize is always different with less air to breath. 

I am looking forward to the movie "Angels & Demons", even though it got crappy ratings, I loved the book.  It starts tomorrow.

Finally, I found a new car to buy. I have been looking for a couple months and was getting frustrated with all the running around test driving different vehicles and listening to all the lies and stories people tell when they want you to buy their car but don't want to say anything is wrong with it. The inspection I got went well, so I am happy with my little Hyundai.

No pain, no gain

I have trained BJJ for 11 years. 
I trained multiple times each day.
I had great conditioning.
I was mentally prepared.
I was technically prepared.
I felt strong and ready!

This picture was taken after my 3 1/2 hour long test.

Now ask yourself,
"Do you really want your black belt this badly?"  :-)

Only a couple weeks left till the ADCC trials. My goal right now is to stay healthy, injury free and getting lots of sleep. I always find at this point in the training, so close to the event, there are not many leaps to make as far as conditioning or technique, mostly it's staying focussed and working out my game plan.

Getting stronger from the inside

I am going to start getting back to my proper diet. First thing, I am going to get my vitamins together. I like those compartments you can buy to put them in my morning and evening amounts. I have my multivitamin, Omega 3-6-9, Calcium/magnesium and Vitamin C.  Next, I need to take 2 protein shakes per day, preferably after a training session. 

Competition class tonight was awesome. A good group came out and I really enjoy the mental aspect of training. Brian pushes everyone to stay strong and focussed, being positive about our thoughts while training, no matter how tired you feel, you keep going and push harder. Mental toughness is what makes or breaks you in competition, so start training that way, it doesn't just magically appear out of no where. I always feel great after one of Brian's competitor classes, so long as I listen to my coach. :-)

Hollaback Girl

The last couple days back to regular training have been great. Training with my wrestling coach Ron Bushfield  twice per week is awesome, things are really clicking, the huge amounts of time I have been putting into wrestling the last year are paying off.  I feel strong for the next competition in a couple weeks. For my Black Belt test I focussed most of my training on my escapes and now that I have done that I can spend the time up until the competition working on my attacks and strong areas in Jiu-Jitsu. I have some specific strategies for my competition and I plan on getting lots of rolling in the next couple week.

When I fought MMA a few years back I came out to the song "Hollaback Girl" by Gwen Stefani.I had hot pink hair back then, I died it right before my fight. This was before colorful hair was popular. I am excited to say I just bought tickets to the No Doubt concert in Calgary in July. I hope she sings that song, it is one of my favorite tough girl songs.

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