Day 3 of BJJ camp in Bend, Oregon

Day 3 of BJJ camp in Bend, Oregon. Well, we didn't do any Jiu-Jitsu on day 3 but instead did many cool tourist things. We went white water rafting in the morning. I am such a wimp and get so scared. All pictures that got taken are of me looking petrified. After that we spent the day with Chris and Hope exploring lava caves and water falls.

Later I went out for dinner with Brian, Chris, Hope and Roy Dean to a Peruvian/Mexican restaurent. They gave us some pineapple soaked in tequila that was so strong it was brutal. Most of us managed to choke it down and for dessert we had bananas cooked in flame with brown sugar and alcohol. Yummy!

Day 2 of BJJ camp in Bend, Oregon

Day 2 of the Bend, Oregon BJJ camp. I taught my morning session of the seminar; I focused on my best area of Jiu-Jitsu, cross mount #3 to North South Russian Crush and finishing from there with the "Sheila choke". Those of you who know me will know exactly what that means.

There were 29 participants at the seminar. I am very thankful to Roy Dean and Roy Harris for bringing me out to teach. It was so much fun and a great experience.

Day 1 of BJJ camp in Bend, Oregon

The first day of the BJJ camp is sadly over. It was a packed day starting with teaching 2 private lessons this morning with Amy and Becky. Two girls with a huge future in BJJ ahead of them. Both were extremely technical and it was a pleasure working with them.

Following that I got to witness and partake in Chris Wright-Martell's Brown belt exam with Roy Harris. I must say, I went out for dinner last night with Chris and his wife Hope and he seemed a little nervous. You wouldn't have thought so during his test. He did awesome and one of the hardest parts of the test was all his partners were guys he didn't know and had never rolled with before. That takes a lot of guts. He passed his exam and congratulations to Chris for earning his Brown belt.

Went back to hotel and had a nap.

Then back to training to take Roy Dean's seminar. After the seminar I had the honour of rolling with Roy Dean for a very long time. Well, it seemed long to me probably because I was fighting off triangles for over 20 minutes and getting squished. He is amazing and I am so happy I got the chance to roll with a Black belt. I don't get that opportunity very often.

Tomorrow I get to teach my portion of the seminar weekend. Looking forward to it.

Grapple Girls Open Tournament

Caitlin and I competed in Toronto today at the Grapple Girls Open Tournament. Caitlin stepped up and fought in the intermediate division and won 3 Golds, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze. Her submission of the day was a key lock from cross mount.

I fought in the No-Gi divisions only for my weight class and absolute. I won Gold in both tapping all my opponents. Great job to all the girls I fought. The caliber of competition was very good, there were a couple brown belts and lots of purple belts in the advanced division. Very tough chicks. I look forward to training with them in the upcoming week at the women's grappling camp.

Niagara Falls

Not only is this the first time to Toronto, I got to see Niagara Falls today with Caitlin. I had an awesome time. We went underground to the bottom of the falls and got soaked from all the spray off the falls. Good thing for the free rain suites. Caitlin is having her first experience cutting weight. Luckily is shouldn't be too difficult with it only being a few pounds. Even though she has only trained 6 months in BJJ, she is most likely going to step up and try the intermediate division just to get some extra fights and experience in. I have 7 women in my division that are a mix of belts: blue, purple, brown and black. It will be amazing to be at a tournament that only women compete at.

In Toronto

I just got into Toronto tonight. I am excited of 2 weeks of training BJJ, wrestling, conditioning and maybe some play time, site seeing and lots of girl talk added into the mix. So, I look forward to putting more updates onto my blog in the next couple weeks.

Back from Ottawa, ON

I just got back from Ottawa, ON. It is a beautiful city. Once the tournaments were over we toured around and went site seeing. I am excited to say I am now on the Canadian team for the Fila World Championships in December 2009 in Florida. The rules are a little different this year but I thought they were quite good and some of the issues they had with the rules at the Worlds in Switzerland last year got worked out for the better. I can't wait to see who will be at the Worlds this year in my division. The second day was the KCG Grappling International tournament. I had 3 matches and won all by submission. I am heading off to Toronto on Monday to train, hang out, compete and teach at the women's grappling camp. My team mate Caitlin is coming to the camp from Calgary to compete and go to the camp. We may just even go and party one night!

Gearing up for the months ahead

I am really excited about the rest of 2009 competition schedule for me. Pretty much every month is something cool. I need motivation to keep training hard and keeping in shape. At the moment, competition keeps that drive in me. Hopefully next weekend at the FILA Canadian Team trials in Ottawa will have some good competitors come out. I know myself and my friend Alaina Hardie are for sure trying for the team. Other than that, I don't know what other women are signed up.

Shooting guns and speeding boats, what could possibly go wrong with that?

I had a great time in BC last weekend. Brian Hamm from the Cranbrook bJJ club took us out on his boat to go tubing. Every time I go tubing it is terrifying yet I keep going back for more. I must be an adrenaline junky. Nothing like seeing your life flash before your eyes when your speeding along the water waiting for that wave you'll hit that's send you flying off the tube into the lake. So much fun.

The next day Frank Machl also from the Cranbrook BJJ club took us out in the bush to
shoot some rifles and shot guns. It took me a bit to get used to it, but by the end I was hitting my targets with the rifle. I found the shot gun much more fun and hitting the clay pigeons (skeet shooting) easier so I had the most fun with that. I can see why my friend Renee Buchwald loves it so much. She is a top notch skeet shooter from Nova Scotia. One day we'll have to go out together so she can kick my butt at shooting.

Mind Body Soul Tournament

Mind Body Soul tournament in Edmonton is one of the main tournaments every year in Alberta that gets a good number of competitors out. There were 9 women competing altogether which is quite good.

I competed in the Gi and No-Gi division and won Gold in both.
Highlights of my experience would be my wrestling/take downs were %100 better than they have been in the past, I am feeling way more confident with my stand up. I got a peruvian necktie for the first time in a tournament, also a key lock with the legs from kesa gatame and I got a normal spinning armbar from guard but it has been a long time since I even really committed to one in a while so I was proud of that. I think I get worried that I will have my guard passed from it. Anyways, this time I just went for it. Hopefully this experience will give me more confidence to keep doing them, they used to be my bread and butter move.

Some of the local tournaments don't have girls with nearly as much experience as me but I still keep going because it inexpensive to compete locally. It costs a lot of money to travel and compete and I want to keep up on my competitive edge. I find if I don't compete in a while I get more nervous so that is why I go to most of the local tournaments even if there is no one at my belt level.
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