Gearing up for Poland

I am just enjoying my last couple days of training before heading to Poland. My weight cut is going well, good news considering that 60kg is a lower weight than I would usually fight at. I am feeling strong and more prepared than I have for any other competition. Tomorrow is my last hard day, sprints in the mornings and rolling at night, then I am going to just do some techniques and cardio until Poland next weekend. Most importantly, I got my game face on :-|

Teaching in Sherbrooke, Quebec

After competing in the ADCC Gi trials in Montreal I stayed a couple days extra in Quebec. A good friend of mine, Rich Martens and fellow BJJ Black Belt, runs an academy in Sherbrooke, QC. called Nomad Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Rich is an extremely detailed and technical instructor and I was excited when Rich asked me if I wanted to teach one of his classes and roll with his students. In class there were 24 students and I taught some of my favourite positions and submissions. We did some drills and sparring. His guys are really good and I taught a fun class and also got a wicked training session as well.

ADCC Pro Gi Trials

Highlights of my Montreal trip and competition!

Prior to my fights that day me and my coach were discussing how we practice and train so hard and it is exciting to compete and see the results of all our effort. This is when we get to test it out. I constantly feel like I am learning. From just the last week we reviewed techniques that I executed in my matches. After years of working on a certain submission to the point where you practically think you own that submission, I still learn more to make it better.

For some of you who saw Brian's facebook message and the steak he ate in front of me while I was weight cutting, well, we went back to that same restaurant after my weigh in and I got my own steak and a piece of cheesecake, so all is well. :-)

For the last couple months preparing for this tournament many of the guys at the club brought their Gi to train in with me when they normally don't. I really appreciate all the help and tough matches at the club, it really helped me prepare for this weekend. I couldn't be so successful if I didn't have so many awesome training partners.

Way to go Girls!

The highlight of my weekend was at the Absolute Submission Challenge three of my relatively new students took the plunge and competed. I am sure they each had their own reason to try competing. They did fantastic placing silver and bronze. A few of the other women in my ladies class came to watch and cheer on the team and afterwards told me they would like to try competing next time. Competing isn't for everyone so I am very lucky they were willing to give it a try and represent Champion's Creed and me as their instructor. Congratulations to Carmelle, Josee and Christine for doing so awesome.


My favourite thing to do on Halloween is to hand out candy to the kids at my house. My friends Dan, Renee and godchild Emmeline came over to join Brian and I for the trick or treaters,
dinner and to play Wii.

Seeing as how I love cats, I thought I would design my pumpkin after my cat Boo when he's ready to kick butt or tackle his food dish.

It was a long day today driving to Edmonton and back in one day but the Roy Harris seminar is always worth the trip. I took lots of notes and got to pick Roy's brain for answers to techniques I have been drilling. Awesome information, can't wait to train tomorrow and play with it.

Less than 1 week to no-gi BJJ world championships in CA. Time to start winding down the intense training schedule.

Cornering At MMA Fight Card

I got to help corner for the first time tonight for a MMA fight. Brian was also there to corner. He had the harder job of coaching and warming Nick up. My jobs were more like being the water girl, holding the Champion's Creed banner, taking pictures and other odd jobs running around getting stuff organized.

Nick Ring won by armbar in Round 1. It was fun helping out. I hung out with the fighters and coaches in the dressing / warm up room including a couple former UFC fighters. It was a little strange being one of the only females back there. Nick is probably one of the easiest competitors to be with because he has fought so many times and knows what he needs and when he needs it.

It is more stressful being with the fighter in back than in the crowd watching. The anticipation and build up is there all night until Nick fought.

Congrats to Nick for winning and yeah for me for getting to be in the corner.

Long Weekend.

It is Thanksgiving long weekend and I am in Kimberley, BC about to head off to the BJJ Cranbrook club. They have a dedicated group of guys and it is always fun training with them.

I am planning on getting in a couple runs and sprints this weekend. I have a wicked running path right alongside the creek and Kimberley has 3 sets of nasty stairs that are great for running up.

I just arrived in Kimberley and already I am feeling relaxed and glad to take a break and get to the mountains.

Dean is the man

Most of us who do BJJ have a handful of our favourite training partners. Many of mine I asked to be a part of my Black Belt exam back in May 2009. One of them was Dean Meyers. He is fun to train with and roll with so long as you don't mind his abundant amount of sweating.

Last summer Brian and I went to Ymer, BC and stayed at Dean's cabin and he took me on the ride of hell on a ATV 3 wheeler. As he was giving me the ride of terror and I am screaming, he yells "That's for the kimura you got on me last week!"

Today Dean sponsored me for one of my upcoming tournaments. I am going to compete in Longbeach, CA this coming November. I was totally taken by surprise at his generosity. He also gave me a card with some very nice remarks. Hopefully it won't embarrass him if I quote him "Sheila, Thanks for being a mostly patient coach, usually a fair coach and most of all, a super fun coach! Thanks for helping me reach my goals, I hope this will help you reach yours! It's an honour to train here with you guys and gals. Dean" Obviously, the first part is a joke for those of you who don't know Dean and his awesome sense of humour.

Thanks Dean, You are the best!

What I am doing

I have a bunch of projects on the go for my website. I am going to add a few of these sections.
1. Will be about my training and have video and pictures and explanations on what I do to prepare for competition and keep in shape.
2. My individual coaches and about them and what they teach me for wrestling and BJJ as well as video footage
3. Techniques. I am going to start putting video up teaching techniques. I have been lucky to come from a club (Champion's Creed Martial Arts) and a team (Harris International) that is well known for its ability to instruct and relay information very technically. I want to share some of that because I am very proud of my BJJ lineage.
4. Articles. I want to share my views on certain issues in BJJ I have experienced over the years.

Now that I have written this all out, I have given myself lots of homework to do. LOL

September at Champion's Creed

September is going crazy at the club. Just last week I started up my kid's classes after having the summer off. I have a great group this semester, we starting working more on the Gi and so far the kids are really enjoying it.

Tonight is my first all ladies class. I have really been looking forward it. I have had so much interest. Classes are on Tuesday and Thursday. With the ladies, I am expecting mostly beginners so I am going to focus my attention on movements and basic techniques with some drills.

Yesterday was my first official day of cranking up the training to prepare myself for 3 upcoming tournaments I am going in. One in Montreal in October, one in California in November and the Fila Grappling World Championships in Florida in December. This is going to be an awesome finish to 2009 which will be the busiest competitive year in my hole BJJ career since 1998.

I am sore today and going for a run with Brian, that will make me feel better and hopefully less sore.
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