girlie weekend!! So much fun

What a fun filled Girls only weekend in the Kootenay's. Everything a girl could want.
Day 1: I drove the 5 of us 45 minute up a logging road to the top of the mountain to a beautiful hot springs. There was only one other person there who didn't stay long and then we had the place to ourselves but before the guy left he filled us in on some info. 1. You can make the water gush out of the pipe fast if you plug it up for a minute (of course we tried it once he left), 2. The water temperature was 34 degrees (so warm and perfect for the summer) 3. At night people come and light candles around the rocks 4. Watch out for poison ivy in the bushes around. 5. He asked if we would be ok with him skinny dipping and Lindsy was quick to say "I'm not ok with that" so he left!
Day 2: We went to Wasa Lake which is the warmest lake in the Kootenay's. We loaded the back of the truck up with tubes, air mattresses, snacks and sun umbrellas and off we went. Apparently I am not that good at loading trucks because 2 tubes were missing when we arrived at the beach and we never found them. We got stuck in the water for 45 minutes while an RCMP officer was checking the people on the beaches coolers for alcoholic beverages. Not that we had any ourselves, wink wink, but we didn't go back to shore till he left. After sunning ourselves for many hours, swimming, playing frizbee in the water and reading our books we had a great night out at the Burrito Grill with good eats and yummy margueritas. It is always great to get away for the weekend with just the girls, leave the men, children and training behind and chill! Ahhhhhh

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