Brian's 2nd degree black belt promotion

Brian Bird was promoted to 2nd Degree Black Belt on May 13, 2011 by his instructor out of San Diego, CA Mr. Roy Harris.

Although I know I am somewhat bias because I am Brian's wife, I want to share some of Brian's martial arts background and let everyone know how he has gotten to where he is today.

I don't know the exact year Brian started being interested in the grappling arts but it was right around the time I met him in high school at age 17. Since then, he has studied BJJ, Judo and Wrestling with BJJ being his primary focus. He started competing in tournaments for BJJ and Judo doing very well and winning almost all of them. Besides his early skill on the mat in competition Brian has two talents which stand high above all else, which is his ability to teach and coach. Brian has a high level of understanding techniques and relaying that information to his students. His structure for classes and how he teaches is all very thought out and there is a purpose to all the things he does. He cares that his students understand what they are being taught and always finds the best way to help them learn.

Brian's skill in coaching has always put our opponents at a large disadvantage. On many occasions I have seen Brian coach a competitor through a move at a tournament they have never learned before but just by doing what Brian says, they are able to pull techniques off. Brian has been there for all my big tournaments and MMA fights. I have confidence and absolute trust that I will perform to the best of my ability when he has my back and is in my corner. Sometimes we joke that I am a video game character and he is making my moves with his remote controller, that is how well he can coach.

Brian is also a very loyal person to his friends and students. He has very high moral standards for how he runs his business and how he treats people around him and in return expects more from those around him. He stands by his friends and will have their back. Brian also surrounds himself around people that are positive and forward thinkers because he is always looking to grow himself and make things better for those around him.

Some of Brian's largest successes are his students and the hard work they have put in and the faith they have for Brian to assist them to get where they are today. Here is a list below of a few of Brian's successes.
Nick Ring - Calgary's only UFC fighter & Ultimate Fighter season 11 competitor
Brad Cardinal - 3 Time MMA title belt holder
Sheila BIrd (me) - 3 Time FILA world champion and World Combat Games Champion
He has 2 Black belts, 5 Brown belts, 9 Purple belts and over 30 Blue belts
At Champion's Creed we have about 30 fighters for MMA & Muay Thai
He has 4 Champion's Creed affiliate clubs. (Canmore, Cochrane, Cranbrook & Calgary)

I want to congratulate Brian on his success for being rewarded his 2nd Degree on his Black Belt. His continuation and drive to learn makes him stronger and the team stronger.

Sheila Bird
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