Touring Korea

Pictures: Brian and I pretending to hitch hike to North Korea at a train station on our way to the DMZ. Another picture of us singing away at the Karaoke club. Another picture of us having dinner at the Korean BBQ. Then, guys drinking beer (typical)

After the exciting adventure and stress of The World Combat Games Brian and I headed off to Seoul, Korea to hang out with our friends that we hadn't seen in about 6 years. Kaden (Big Lee) and Kron (Little Lee) came to Calgary to study English 6 years ago. We got to know them because of BJJ. One of the coolest things about BJJ, is that no matter where you travel in the world you will always have BJJ in common with people and make friends, and if you are lucky, it will be friends like Kaden and Kron. We didn't get the chance to train BJJ in Korea, I was too busy eating and putting some meat back on my skinny bones. I think I over did that a little. After a few days Kaden said my belly was fat. I am hoping that comment was lost in translation.

Kaden, Kron and Kron's wife Min Jeong were incredible hosts and showed us all the cool sites and delicious places to eat. We went to traditional markets, the world's largest movie theatre, temples, museums and the DMZ (demilitarized zone which is the border between south and north Korea). In addition to sites we got to taste some very excellent traditional Korean food. The Korean BBQ was my favourite. I was so impressed with myself trying out so many foods I would normally turn down in a second. They served pig skin at the Korean BBQ and I enjoyed it. It didn't have the most appetizing look but I still came it a try.

Since I have been back in Calgary I am trying to get back into the swing of things but jet lag is hitting me hard. No big deal, I train BJJ for a living, I think I can handle my interior clock being confused. Timmies coffee will get me through.

I have started teaching children's class after having the summer off. I think this new group of kids we have come in are going to do excellent. I had such a great time teaching them last night. My student Melissa gave me a big hug and congratulations when she came in, how sweet is that?

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