Touring China, relaxing, and can't wait to compete

So far Brian and I arrived in Beijing with no problems. The event is organized really well. It seems they have thought of almost everything. Deep down I was kind of hoping the food would look horrible and I would have a hard time finding things to eat simply because I am cutting weight and am not allowed any temptations. Unfortunate for me, it is the complete opposite, but at least after weigh in I have great food to look forward to. Brian is being a sweet heart and not gorging himself in front of me.

Today Brian and I toured the Forbidden City. I must say that if Brian were to buy me a castle, this one would be just perfect. haha

They have supplied some unbelievable facilities for the events. I think the one I am competing in can seat 6,000 people. The training facility is also huge with a crazy amount for mats for athletes to practice before their big days. I have trained two times with Brian and the Japanese grappling/pankration team. Also, I have been running each day as well.

I went to see the Muay Thai event last night. There were a ton of people there to watch. It was the semi quarter finals and we watched the two Canadian athletes compete out of Mike Mile's in Calgary. Both Misty Sutherland and Jesse Miles won their matches and will go on to fight in the quarter finals tomorrow night.

There are so many jacked martial art's chicks around. Wowzers! Don't piss them off.

Tomorrow I am going to see the Great Wall of China. Excited for sure.
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