ADCC Pro Gi Trials

Highlights of my Montreal trip and competition!

Prior to my fights that day me and my coach were discussing how we practice and train so hard and it is exciting to compete and see the results of all our effort. This is when we get to test it out. I constantly feel like I am learning. From just the last week we reviewed techniques that I executed in my matches. After years of working on a certain submission to the point where you practically think you own that submission, I still learn more to make it better.

For some of you who saw Brian's facebook message and the steak he ate in front of me while I was weight cutting, well, we went back to that same restaurant after my weigh in and I got my own steak and a piece of cheesecake, so all is well. :-)

For the last couple months preparing for this tournament many of the guys at the club brought their Gi to train in with me when they normally don't. I really appreciate all the help and tough matches at the club, it really helped me prepare for this weekend. I couldn't be so successful if I didn't have so many awesome training partners.

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