Cornering At MMA Fight Card

I got to help corner for the first time tonight for a MMA fight. Brian was also there to corner. He had the harder job of coaching and warming Nick up. My jobs were more like being the water girl, holding the Champion's Creed banner, taking pictures and other odd jobs running around getting stuff organized.

Nick Ring won by armbar in Round 1. It was fun helping out. I hung out with the fighters and coaches in the dressing / warm up room including a couple former UFC fighters. It was a little strange being one of the only females back there. Nick is probably one of the easiest competitors to be with because he has fought so many times and knows what he needs and when he needs it.

It is more stressful being with the fighter in back than in the crowd watching. The anticipation and build up is there all night until Nick fought.

Congrats to Nick for winning and yeah for me for getting to be in the corner.

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