Dean is the man

Most of us who do BJJ have a handful of our favourite training partners. Many of mine I asked to be a part of my Black Belt exam back in May 2009. One of them was Dean Meyers. He is fun to train with and roll with so long as you don't mind his abundant amount of sweating.

Last summer Brian and I went to Ymer, BC and stayed at Dean's cabin and he took me on the ride of hell on a ATV 3 wheeler. As he was giving me the ride of terror and I am screaming, he yells "That's for the kimura you got on me last week!"

Today Dean sponsored me for one of my upcoming tournaments. I am going to compete in Longbeach, CA this coming November. I was totally taken by surprise at his generosity. He also gave me a card with some very nice remarks. Hopefully it won't embarrass him if I quote him "Sheila, Thanks for being a mostly patient coach, usually a fair coach and most of all, a super fun coach! Thanks for helping me reach my goals, I hope this will help you reach yours! It's an honour to train here with you guys and gals. Dean" Obviously, the first part is a joke for those of you who don't know Dean and his awesome sense of humour.

Thanks Dean, You are the best!

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