What I am doing

I have a bunch of projects on the go for my website. I am going to add a few of these sections.
1. Will be about my training and have video and pictures and explanations on what I do to prepare for competition and keep in shape.
2. My individual coaches and about them and what they teach me for wrestling and BJJ as well as video footage
3. Techniques. I am going to start putting video up teaching techniques. I have been lucky to come from a club (Champion's Creed Martial Arts) and a team (Harris International) that is well known for its ability to instruct and relay information very technically. I want to share some of that because I am very proud of my BJJ lineage.
4. Articles. I want to share my views on certain issues in BJJ I have experienced over the years.

Now that I have written this all out, I have given myself lots of homework to do. LOL

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