September at Champion's Creed

September is going crazy at the club. Just last week I started up my kid's classes after having the summer off. I have a great group this semester, we starting working more on the Gi and so far the kids are really enjoying it.

Tonight is my first all ladies class. I have really been looking forward it. I have had so much interest. Classes are on Tuesday and Thursday. With the ladies, I am expecting mostly beginners so I am going to focus my attention on movements and basic techniques with some drills.

Yesterday was my first official day of cranking up the training to prepare myself for 3 upcoming tournaments I am going in. One in Montreal in October, one in California in November and the Fila Grappling World Championships in Florida in December. This is going to be an awesome finish to 2009 which will be the busiest competitive year in my hole BJJ career since 1998.

I am sore today and going for a run with Brian, that will make me feel better and hopefully less sore.
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