Day 1 of BJJ camp in Bend, Oregon

The first day of the BJJ camp is sadly over. It was a packed day starting with teaching 2 private lessons this morning with Amy and Becky. Two girls with a huge future in BJJ ahead of them. Both were extremely technical and it was a pleasure working with them.

Following that I got to witness and partake in Chris Wright-Martell's Brown belt exam with Roy Harris. I must say, I went out for dinner last night with Chris and his wife Hope and he seemed a little nervous. You wouldn't have thought so during his test. He did awesome and one of the hardest parts of the test was all his partners were guys he didn't know and had never rolled with before. That takes a lot of guts. He passed his exam and congratulations to Chris for earning his Brown belt.

Went back to hotel and had a nap.

Then back to training to take Roy Dean's seminar. After the seminar I had the honour of rolling with Roy Dean for a very long time. Well, it seemed long to me probably because I was fighting off triangles for over 20 minutes and getting squished. He is amazing and I am so happy I got the chance to roll with a Black belt. I don't get that opportunity very often.

Tomorrow I get to teach my portion of the seminar weekend. Looking forward to it.
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