Back from Ottawa, ON

I just got back from Ottawa, ON. It is a beautiful city. Once the tournaments were over we toured around and went site seeing. I am excited to say I am now on the Canadian team for the Fila World Championships in December 2009 in Florida. The rules are a little different this year but I thought they were quite good and some of the issues they had with the rules at the Worlds in Switzerland last year got worked out for the better. I can't wait to see who will be at the Worlds this year in my division. The second day was the KCG Grappling International tournament. I had 3 matches and won all by submission. I am heading off to Toronto on Monday to train, hang out, compete and teach at the women's grappling camp. My team mate Caitlin is coming to the camp from Calgary to compete and go to the camp. We may just even go and party one night!
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