Shooting guns and speeding boats, what could possibly go wrong with that?

I had a great time in BC last weekend. Brian Hamm from the Cranbrook bJJ club took us out on his boat to go tubing. Every time I go tubing it is terrifying yet I keep going back for more. I must be an adrenaline junky. Nothing like seeing your life flash before your eyes when your speeding along the water waiting for that wave you'll hit that's send you flying off the tube into the lake. So much fun.

The next day Frank Machl also from the Cranbrook BJJ club took us out in the bush to
shoot some rifles and shot guns. It took me a bit to get used to it, but by the end I was hitting my targets with the rifle. I found the shot gun much more fun and hitting the clay pigeons (skeet shooting) easier so I had the most fun with that. I can see why my friend Renee Buchwald loves it so much. She is a top notch skeet shooter from Nova Scotia. One day we'll have to go out together so she can kick my butt at shooting.

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