Mind Body Soul Tournament

Mind Body Soul tournament in Edmonton is one of the main tournaments every year in Alberta that gets a good number of competitors out. There were 9 women competing altogether which is quite good.

I competed in the Gi and No-Gi division and won Gold in both.
Highlights of my experience would be my wrestling/take downs were %100 better than they have been in the past, I am feeling way more confident with my stand up. I got a peruvian necktie for the first time in a tournament, also a key lock with the legs from kesa gatame and I got a normal spinning armbar from guard but it has been a long time since I even really committed to one in a while so I was proud of that. I think I get worried that I will have my guard passed from it. Anyways, this time I just went for it. Hopefully this experience will give me more confidence to keep doing them, they used to be my bread and butter move.

Some of the local tournaments don't have girls with nearly as much experience as me but I still keep going because it inexpensive to compete locally. It costs a lot of money to travel and compete and I want to keep up on my competitive edge. I find if I don't compete in a while I get more nervous so that is why I go to most of the local tournaments even if there is no one at my belt level.
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