Fantastic Weekend

The weekend was so awesome. 
1. Coach Brian and Nick Ring were in Louisiana for Nick's first MMA fight in a few years. He won with a guillotine in 39 seconds of round one. I think Nick is going to make it huge really soon!
2. I hung out all day Friday with my Grandma. We did shopping, lunch and then gardening and had a BBQ at my house with my dad also. It was such a nice time. My Grandma is 88 years old now, but you would never guess, she is fit as a fiddle and looks amazing.
3. Saturday was competition day for my kids that I teach. Five of them went to the tournament and all of them left with medals around their necks. I am so proud of them for taking the challenge to compete and fight their hearts out. The next generation of fighters at Champion's Creed will continue to compete and represent with great sportsmanship. Winning doesn't hurt either. :-)
4. I also decided last minute to compete on Saturday. I had 6 matches. 3 in Gi and 3 in No-Gi. I submitted all my opponents. There were 3 deciding factors that convinced me to compete. They were, some of my kids wanted to stay and watch me, there were quite a few women to show up and that is always good to get lots women out, mostly though, I need to start competing whether I have a coach on the side lines coaching me or not. It is always nice when Brian is there to help me, but there are some tournaments that don't allow that and also it will start me having to rely on my own judgement calls and quick decision making and not rely on Brian so much. I am very happy I did the competition and as usual I learned a ton of things from all my matches. Whether I win or lose, I want to learn from all my fights.
5. Saturday night I had planned on going to Renee's Birthday party, it turned out the party was a surprise party for me for achieving my Black Belt. All my friends were there, we had a great BBQ, Renee did up a photo slide show with music that I will soon have up on my website, there were crazy decorations done up with balloons and streamers. I had so much fun, at the end of the night just the girls met up at Stonegate Karaoke Pub to dance and sing. My feet are sore today from the dancing. HUGE thank you to all my friends, with out their support I would not be a Black Belt. I am so lucky.
Pretty much, that wraps up my weekend, at least the good bits. 
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