Weight Cut

Cutting weight for a fight or tournament was a huge learning experience for me. I really only had 1 1/2 weeks to do it because of some disorganization of the tournament people with when I was able to weigh in. Anyways, as I was saying I learned a ton. Along with training BJJ, wrestling and running I followed Jason Day's weight cutting program that he created. It was amazing how prepped my body was to cut the weight when I had to loose the water. Most importantly I still had energy and strength unlike some other methods I have tried in the past. As for hydrating after my weigh in, I was much more diligent about what I needed to do to be ready for fighting the next day. Brian and I thought it would be interesting to take some pictures of me during my weight cutting process. I thought I would share them with you.
1st picture is of me before I hit the sauna to sweat. I weighed 137 pounds.
2nd picture is of me after the sauna, this is scary skinny and not pretty. I weighed 132 pounds.
3rd picture is of me at the official weigh in. Same weight 131.5 pounds on their scale. I look a bit better with my normal clothes on.
4th picture is of me 48 hours later. I had eaten a huge meal. Brian wanted me to take the picture then even though I wasn't thrilled about it. I weighed 146 pounds, a normal weight for me.

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