Excited for the weekend

I am heading off to Kimberley, BC tomorrow for the long weekend. The plan is to sleep, watch some movies, go to the hot springs, do BJJ in Cranbrook and do some hill sprints. I love getting out to the mountains. Kimberley is considered the highest City (altitude) in Canada so the excersize is always different with less air to breath. 

I am looking forward to the movie "Angels & Demons", even though it got crappy ratings, I loved the book.  It starts tomorrow.

Finally, I found a new car to buy. I have been looking for a couple months and was getting frustrated with all the running around test driving different vehicles and listening to all the lies and stories people tell when they want you to buy their car but don't want to say anything is wrong with it. The inspection I got went well, so I am happy with my little Hyundai.
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