Getting stronger from the inside

I am going to start getting back to my proper diet. First thing, I am going to get my vitamins together. I like those compartments you can buy to put them in my morning and evening amounts. I have my multivitamin, Omega 3-6-9, Calcium/magnesium and Vitamin C.  Next, I need to take 2 protein shakes per day, preferably after a training session. 

Competition class tonight was awesome. A good group came out and I really enjoy the mental aspect of training. Brian pushes everyone to stay strong and focussed, being positive about our thoughts while training, no matter how tired you feel, you keep going and push harder. Mental toughness is what makes or breaks you in competition, so start training that way, it doesn't just magically appear out of no where. I always feel great after one of Brian's competitor classes, so long as I listen to my coach. :-)
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