Successful weekend

So many things happened this weekend. I was so excited to achieve my Black Belt. At my test I had so many friends and family that came to support me. I couldn't have picked better partners. Rich came from Quebec and Alaina came from Ontario to be at my test. My other partners John, Dan, Dean and Blair were great. I am so lucky.

The week prior to my test people kept asking me if I was nervous and ready for the exam. I felt very confident and ready and I told them so. The day of the test is when the nervousness hit me hard. It was difficult to eat and rest was hard. Once I got to the club, stretched and warmed up, I started to feel better and got into the groove. This test was a long anticipated event and I wanted to get it going. 

It still hasn't quite sunk into my brain but I can tell you my body sure feels it. The test was long and hard. My face got a beating with the Gi burn and my muscles are sore and tired (as was to be expected).  I feel great and proud to be a Black Belt. What more can I say?

I know it is quite natural for people that do Jiu-Jitsu, once they compete or test to take some time off but I don't feel that way at all. I can't wait to get back to the club and working out to get ready for ADCC trial coming up soon.
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