Change of plan

Today I found out that weigh ins for the ADCC North American Trials are day of the competition, right before you step on the mat to fight. This is the first time they have done this for the ADCC, normally it is the day before. So much for cutting weight, I am now going to go into the over 132lb division. Time to start hitting the weights and taking lots of protein.... Well, my friends should be happy about the change because I am not the happiest person on the planet when I am on a strict diet. My friend Jeremy was joking around with me, saying I lost my sense of humor for the next few weeks. What can I say, I love food.

The next couple days I am taking it easy. No sparring, no injuries, no getting sick, maybe a little technique and lots of my beauty sleep as my mom likes to call it. 

Only 3 more sleeps till test! (My training partner John thinks I sound 10 years old saying that)

Good Night, man it's almost 2am.
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