Up and ready for a busy day

If at all possible I like to get a run in first thing when I get up. I am glad I got mine in yesterday morning, I am sure it helped with the soreness of my muscles from the work out I did the day before although 48 hours is always the worst and today my legs and butt are stiff.

I saw the movie "Hunger" at the Globe Theatre this weekend. I really enjoyed it but would only recommend to it people who like disturbing and violent films. It really made me think. It is about a political prisoner in jail who goes on a hunger strike. The film is based on a true story from Ireland.

Plan for today, Monday's schedule is all over the place but always time for coffee breaks which I really enjoy. Technique practice 11:30-1:00, Circuit 4:00-5:15, teach kids class 5:30-6:30, BJJ class 6:30-8:00, teach curriculum 8:00-9:30

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