Victory Day

After my last post I was off to go sprinting hills and climbing stairs. At the time I thought it was a good idea to tell Brian before I started how many times I wanted to run up the hill and that I was planning on double step running the stairs, then hopping up on one foot 2 times once with each leg, then lastly double jumping up the stairs.  I should mention there are 173 steps.  I suppose if I hadn't told him my plan he may have let me off easy, I chose a hard goal, so I was stuck with it. My friends Dan and Renee were there to run along with me and keep me going. At the end of the work out, my legs wouldn't stop shaking for an hour. I decided to sit in the shower so my legs wouldn't give out on me.  Sometimes I wonder "What the heck was I thinking?" but knowing me, I'll be at it again tomorrow remembering how good it feels to complete a work out, forgetting the torture of the actually doing it.

I was super excited today to hear Alaina Hardie, a good friend of mine from Toronto won her divisions in grappling she competed in today at a tournament. It is not an easy task to compete and she is always challenging herself to push herself further all the time. Way to go Alaina!

At the boxing fight card in Calgary tonight at the Deerfoot Casino my Muay Thai coach and good friend Nick Ring dominated and won his match when the guy's corner threw in the towel after 4 rounds of a scheduled 8 round match. Nick looks so intense and mean when he fights, it is very inspiring to see such an athlete in action. I hung out at the fights with members from Champion's Creed Martial Arts with my BJJ girl training partner Jenna King to sit next to me and as we like to say "Making memories"

Awesome night but I am glad to be home and going to get some needed rest. Only 6 more sleeps till my Black Belt test.

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