girlie weekend!! So much fun

What a fun filled Girls only weekend in the Kootenay's. Everything a girl could want.
Day 1: I drove the 5 of us 45 minute up a logging road to the top of the mountain to a beautiful hot springs. There was only one other person there who didn't stay long and then we had the place to ourselves but before the guy left he filled us in on some info. 1. You can make the water gush out of the pipe fast if you plug it up for a minute (of course we tried it once he left), 2. The water temperature was 34 degrees (so warm and perfect for the summer) 3. At night people come and light candles around the rocks 4. Watch out for poison ivy in the bushes around. 5. He asked if we would be ok with him skinny dipping and Lindsy was quick to say "I'm not ok with that" so he left!
Day 2: We went to Wasa Lake which is the warmest lake in the Kootenay's. We loaded the back of the truck up with tubes, air mattresses, snacks and sun umbrellas and off we went. Apparently I am not that good at loading trucks because 2 tubes were missing when we arrived at the beach and we never found them. We got stuck in the water for 45 minutes while an RCMP officer was checking the people on the beaches coolers for alcoholic beverages. Not that we had any ourselves, wink wink, but we didn't go back to shore till he left. After sunning ourselves for many hours, swimming, playing frizbee in the water and reading our books we had a great night out at the Burrito Grill with good eats and yummy margueritas. It is always great to get away for the weekend with just the girls, leave the men, children and training behind and chill! Ahhhhhh


Finally I am starting to get in the loop. You can now follow me on twitter. @birdsheila

Won my MMA fight against Kim Couture

I am so excited and yet super relieved my fight is finally over with Kim Couture on AX: Combat "Execution" in Calgary on Friday night. Most important thing, I went in confident in the striking that I have been working on and getting better at every day. There were so many things that I am proud of in my match. It was so much fun coming out to the song "Surfin' Bird" and then for some stupid reason we always have faulty water bottles and I always end up getting it spilled or splashed on me by accident which I just find funny at the time. I wish I could have taken a picture of the crowd cheering me on after I won, it was the best feeling ever to look out and have so many people applauding my victory. I was not lying in my speech after my fight when they asked me what was next for me; I went to the Stampede and got me a corn dog. Yummers!

The best part of the night was meeting Kim and hanging out with her after the fights at the after party and then we went to a Chinese Food restaurant and because it was Stampede the place was going crazy, people dancing on tables playing drums with their chop sticks. It was a great time and it was nice Kim could experience some Stampede action as well she got to see the Calgary parade and the Royal couple.

My coaches were amazing (Brian, Doug and Brad). I love the focus and calm confidence they have for me in the back getting ready to fight even though I am sure they are nervous for me and putting on an act. No problem, I believed every second of it.

The referee stoppage was controversial and I felt he stopped the fight too late but luckily in the end Kim was just fine. During the fight when I had the submission on I didn't know she was unconscious until her legs went flat. I was almost going to give up the choke thinking it wasn't on quite right.

I will be back at Champion's Creed on Monday training again. We have such a great group of fighters and it is my turn now to be a partner for them after they helped me so much.

Brian's 2nd degree black belt promotion

Brian Bird was promoted to 2nd Degree Black Belt on May 13, 2011 by his instructor out of San Diego, CA Mr. Roy Harris.

Although I know I am somewhat bias because I am Brian's wife, I want to share some of Brian's martial arts background and let everyone know how he has gotten to where he is today.

I don't know the exact year Brian started being interested in the grappling arts but it was right around the time I met him in high school at age 17. Since then, he has studied BJJ, Judo and Wrestling with BJJ being his primary focus. He started competing in tournaments for BJJ and Judo doing very well and winning almost all of them. Besides his early skill on the mat in competition Brian has two talents which stand high above all else, which is his ability to teach and coach. Brian has a high level of understanding techniques and relaying that information to his students. His structure for classes and how he teaches is all very thought out and there is a purpose to all the things he does. He cares that his students understand what they are being taught and always finds the best way to help them learn.

Brian's skill in coaching has always put our opponents at a large disadvantage. On many occasions I have seen Brian coach a competitor through a move at a tournament they have never learned before but just by doing what Brian says, they are able to pull techniques off. Brian has been there for all my big tournaments and MMA fights. I have confidence and absolute trust that I will perform to the best of my ability when he has my back and is in my corner. Sometimes we joke that I am a video game character and he is making my moves with his remote controller, that is how well he can coach.

Brian is also a very loyal person to his friends and students. He has very high moral standards for how he runs his business and how he treats people around him and in return expects more from those around him. He stands by his friends and will have their back. Brian also surrounds himself around people that are positive and forward thinkers because he is always looking to grow himself and make things better for those around him.

Some of Brian's largest successes are his students and the hard work they have put in and the faith they have for Brian to assist them to get where they are today. Here is a list below of a few of Brian's successes.
Nick Ring - Calgary's only UFC fighter & Ultimate Fighter season 11 competitor
Brad Cardinal - 3 Time MMA title belt holder
Sheila BIrd (me) - 3 Time FILA world champion and World Combat Games Champion
He has 2 Black belts, 5 Brown belts, 9 Purple belts and over 30 Blue belts
At Champion's Creed we have about 30 fighters for MMA & Muay Thai
He has 4 Champion's Creed affiliate clubs. (Canmore, Cochrane, Cranbrook & Calgary)

I want to congratulate Brian on his success for being rewarded his 2nd Degree on his Black Belt. His continuation and drive to learn makes him stronger and the team stronger.

Sheila Bird

Fight Night

November 12th was "Maximum Fighting Championship 27" and I was in Edmonton with Brian and Nick Ring to help corner Brad "The Bonesaw" Cardinal for his MMA fight. It is very inspiring to watch the guys compete in MMA. It was in 2006 that I had my first and only MMA match and lately I have been getting excited to get back in the cage get it on. This was only the second time I have been in the corner for a fighter and I must say, I much prefer fighting than coaching although I always like being where the action is, no matter what. Brad won his fight by triangle choke in the 2nd round so his record is now 12 - 5.

Touring Korea

Pictures: Brian and I pretending to hitch hike to North Korea at a train station on our way to the DMZ. Another picture of us singing away at the Karaoke club. Another picture of us having dinner at the Korean BBQ. Then, guys drinking beer (typical)

After the exciting adventure and stress of The World Combat Games Brian and I headed off to Seoul, Korea to hang out with our friends that we hadn't seen in about 6 years. Kaden (Big Lee) and Kron (Little Lee) came to Calgary to study English 6 years ago. We got to know them because of BJJ. One of the coolest things about BJJ, is that no matter where you travel in the world you will always have BJJ in common with people and make friends, and if you are lucky, it will be friends like Kaden and Kron. We didn't get the chance to train BJJ in Korea, I was too busy eating and putting some meat back on my skinny bones. I think I over did that a little. After a few days Kaden said my belly was fat. I am hoping that comment was lost in translation.

Kaden, Kron and Kron's wife Min Jeong were incredible hosts and showed us all the cool sites and delicious places to eat. We went to traditional markets, the world's largest movie theatre, temples, museums and the DMZ (demilitarized zone which is the border between south and north Korea). In addition to sites we got to taste some very excellent traditional Korean food. The Korean BBQ was my favourite. I was so impressed with myself trying out so many foods I would normally turn down in a second. They served pig skin at the Korean BBQ and I enjoyed it. It didn't have the most appetizing look but I still came it a try.

Since I have been back in Calgary I am trying to get back into the swing of things but jet lag is hitting me hard. No big deal, I train BJJ for a living, I think I can handle my interior clock being confused. Timmies coffee will get me through.

I have started teaching children's class after having the summer off. I think this new group of kids we have come in are going to do excellent. I had such a great time teaching them last night. My student Melissa gave me a big hug and congratulations when she came in, how sweet is that?

Touring China, relaxing, and can't wait to compete

So far Brian and I arrived in Beijing with no problems. The event is organized really well. It seems they have thought of almost everything. Deep down I was kind of hoping the food would look horrible and I would have a hard time finding things to eat simply because I am cutting weight and am not allowed any temptations. Unfortunate for me, it is the complete opposite, but at least after weigh in I have great food to look forward to. Brian is being a sweet heart and not gorging himself in front of me.

Today Brian and I toured the Forbidden City. I must say that if Brian were to buy me a castle, this one would be just perfect. haha

They have supplied some unbelievable facilities for the events. I think the one I am competing in can seat 6,000 people. The training facility is also huge with a crazy amount for mats for athletes to practice before their big days. I have trained two times with Brian and the Japanese grappling/pankration team. Also, I have been running each day as well.

I went to see the Muay Thai event last night. There were a ton of people there to watch. It was the semi quarter finals and we watched the two Canadian athletes compete out of Mike Mile's in Calgary. Both Misty Sutherland and Jesse Miles won their matches and will go on to fight in the quarter finals tomorrow night.

There are so many jacked martial art's chicks around. Wowzers! Don't piss them off.

Tomorrow I am going to see the Great Wall of China. Excited for sure.

Off to China

I am sitting in the airport in Vancouver getting ready for my flight to Beijing, China and the World Combat Games. So many months of training for this moment. It is very exciting.

I was just invited yesterday to be one of the 96 athletes to march in the opening ceremonies for the games. There are over 1000 competitors in 13 styles of fighting. I am very honoured for this opportunity. My Gold medal at the Fila World Championships is how I qualified for this all expense paid trip to China to compete. I think that success was why I was chosen to represent Canada at the opening ceremonies.

I have been told that Facebook doesn't work in China so I will have to update my blog more to keep everyone posted on the event and my results. I weigh in on Sept 1st and fight Sept 2nd.

It can be up to 3 matches for the Gold medal. My opponents come from all over including France, Sweden, Poland, USA & Russia.

I will keep you posted on more info.


Less than 2 weeks till China

In less than two weeks my coach Brian Bird and I will be heading off to compete in the first SportAccord World Combat Games in Beijing, China August 28 – September 4, 2010. Winning at the 2010 FILA Grappling World Championships in Krakow, Poland is how I qualified for the chance to compete for my country at the World Combat Games along with 7 other women representing countries from all over the world. I am very proud to be the Canadian representative for Grappling.

For getting prepared for this event I have been able to train very specific for each of my possible opponents because I know who each of them are and their fighting styles. I always like to come in with a game plan.

I have been putting in many hours of training to get ready including BJJ, wrestling, running and hard physical circuits to get me in shape. No matter what the outcome, I have put in all the time and effort possible and will do my best. I am strong, fast, prepared. I have put in the time and the effort. I want to win, I can win, I will win. :-)

It will be nice to be able to take a week vacation after the games to give my mind a body a rest.

Needless to say I am excited to compete but I will be able to watch the other sports too. The hotel we are staying in is amazing.

Highlight of my Tournament

If I was to say the one thing I am most excited about my tournament results it was my takedowns. It felt like the first tournament that things really started to click. I have been working a lot on not hesitating when I get into a good grip that I like to throw off of. Even as recent as my tournament in Florida I felt that I had a couple take down / wrestling opportunities that I didn't take advantage of when I got into certain clinch positions. Well, this time I made it happen out there and am really excited when I get back to Calgary tomorrow to tell my wrestling coach how it went. Ron (wrestling coach) has been so important to the progression of my takedowns this past year and helping me work on my technique, speed and style. Thanks so much to Ron, I feel so happy with what I have accomplished because of him.

One of my particular matches was against a girl who is very good at not getting taken down but she is good at getting into strong sweeps and submissions from stand up to avoid having someone score a takedown on her. I came in with a solid game plan for her and got the double leg take down and in another fight a single leg chest pressure.

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